Who are we?

A bilingual school between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille in the town of BOUC-BEL-AIR.
A bilingual nursery and elementary school.
Our French-English Bilingual Primary School is referenced to the National Education under the number RNE 0134040W
The school caters for children from nursery to entry to secondary school (from age 2 to Year6).
Our headteacher is Madame Brigitte BARRIERE, an educational manager,who has been teaching for over 20 years,  creating in her students a thirst for learning in a calm atmosphere.  Passionate about her job, she ensures compliance with the French-speaking curricula and participates in English-speaking aspects of the school, having mastered several foreign languages   herself.
With her experience, she is committed to implementing differentiated learning techniques for her students. She coordinates her teams ensuring rigor in the  organisation  of the school.  Finally, she always makes herself available to listen to parents.
French and English teachers work together on the same themes.
They devote time to each other to help children discover their abilities and passions and develp self-confidence.
The English teachers come from Anglophone countries: they transmit not only their language but also their culture.
The teachers, who are passionate about their profession, use careful questioning imagination and creative approaches to inspire  and guide the curiosity of our children.  The teaching team ensures children focus on positive behaviour: learning to listen to others; expressing emotions and resolving conflicts calmly, and communicating with respect.
We choose to have small class sizes. This is one factor in maintaining our high teaching and learning standards.
The Université des Petits follows the National Education program in French and offers total immersion in English: 2 days a week in nursery, a mix of immersion and British national curriculum for KS1  and 2 hours a day of British national curriculum in KS2 school.
Our calm and positive ethos enables our children to be themselves, develop existing and new skills.
A small "Kids info" newsletter is sent home at the end of each half-term to share what has been happening in school.  Internally, and only with a secure password, parents have access to the blogs of the school, the holiday club, the college and the Parents' Association which participates regularly in the life of the  school.

 L'Université des Petits, today's school, a good start for the world of tomorrow!