Academic goals and curriculum for Cycle 1: Nursery.

“Nursery focuses on character building, accepting others, and academic group life.”
1.    utilise language in its entirety
2.    act, express, understand through physical activities
3.    act, express, understand through artistic activities
4.    build the tools to structure our thoughts
5.    explore the world
French classes take place over two days working to achieve the required competences for the end of Cycle 1 as stated by the Education Nationale
The other two days are dedicated to English learning through total immersion starting as early as the first year of nursery.
Our school enables access to English for all and aims to encourage independence and fulfil our students.
English learning objectives:
-    acquire and assimilate day-to-day and theme specific vocabulary
-    grow and thrive in English
-    make English appealing and lively through project-based learning (themes, games, songs…)
In addition, L’Universite des Petits explores the following five areas of study:
-    self-expression at the heart of learning
-    group life
-    act and self-expression by using your body
-    discover the world
-    sensitivity, imagination, creation