Working modalities

It is essential for us to offer different ways of accessing knowledge and understanding so that each child masters the required skills by the end of the year.
Our teachers offer different methods, tools and approaches to achieve common goals for all.

They adapt learning using:
-    group work. (Discussion, peer support, learning with peers)
-    mixed classes on a lesson or short term basis
-    individual learning (developing personal initiative, specific targets, etc.)
-    mastery classes
-    interactive sessions
-    investigative sessions.

 •  Theme weeks:

In order ensure a whole school approach, especially between the English and French sections, identical topics are covered during the same periods during the year. These are organised by the teaching team (farm animals, dinosaurs, traditional tales,…etc).

This is important so our children evolve in both languages in a coherent way and they can develop a precise vocabulary in English and French.

 •  Development of motor skills

Particular attention is paid throughout the year to the development of fine and gross motor skills in our nursery classes.
Nursery is an opportunity to continue developing movements including balance and manipulation.

The children are able to explore less familiar, less accessible environments which require new learning. These motor activities help them to discover their own  bodies, spatial awareness, self-respect and how to demonstrate respect to others.