Since 2010, our school with its small, practical size and our family approach, creates an inspiring and a safe environment, where students grow under the attentive eye of our passionate teachers.The time of each student is optimized because the maximum number of students per class is 20 and we have one class per year group.The director is an educator who has taught since 1995 and she leads ourteam of 20 teachers to ensure an effective educational environment.
The teaching in English is provided by native speaking English teachers for linguistic immersion. An academic follow-up (in respect to the French curriculum) is delivered by a skilled team of experienced, dynamic and committed teachers.Our children are happy to come and learn and  benefit frompersonalised courses.
We offer an extended school day - 7.30 am to 6.00 pm.
We are a school covering almost a hectare with 15 classrooms, two dining rooms, a sleeping room (for our pre-schoolers) and a sports zone.
And we also offer…
•    Frequent availability of the teachers to meet with parents.
•    Structured and personalized supervision to meet the needs of every student.
•    Rigorous and cross-curricular themes to link learning across classes and pertinent programs to give students the curiosity and insight needed to develop their transferable skills and working capacity.
•    Projects which aim to foster respect, tolerance, responsibility and the satisfaction of jobs welldone.
•    Homework club.
•    A pleasant and friendly learning environment with an efficient administrative hub and an approachable, friendly team.
•    Opportunities for parental involvement, especially in our P.T.A.
•    Community partnerships which take our learning outside the school and into local businesses and the local area.

L'Université des Petits, the school of today, a good start in the world of tomorrow!