Pathways to knowledge

    Themed weeks

To allow a real correlation between the French and English curricula, identical themes will be followed during each period. These topics are chosen by our maternelle English and French team (farm animals, dinosaurs, traditional tales etc).
It is essential, in our opinion, to have different themes throughout the year so that the children can make good progress in both languages. It allows our children to be enriched with similar and precise vocabulary in both English and French.

    Open-plan workshops
Our classrooms allow for the mixing of children between different activities while pursuing the same objective in multiple ways. The idea is that they can acquire multiple skills within the same objective, through approaches that suit to their learning style.


    CP immersion
The GS  children will have the opportunity throughout the year to meet their peers that are in the CP class. This creates a smooth transition into the junior side of the school. We make time to respond to any concerns children may have. They will also be introduced to the CP teacher and have a taster class with her at the end of the year, to prepare for the following school year.

    Motor skills development
We at L'Universite des Petits pay close attention throughout the year of the motor skills of the children. Our school has a room equipped to DOJO standards: wall protection and tatami.
Nursery school is an opportunity to build essential motor movements (moving around, developing balance and handling objects).
The child will explore new experiences that require learning new skills. These motor activities help them discover and develop their body awareness and how to maintain their health, as well as demonstrating respect to others.

    Environmental education and sustainable development
At L'Universite des Petits we feel it very important to address and teach our students about environmental issues throughout the world. Through this, we aim to improve knowledge and understanding and life skills, which will promote communication and life choices.
Our school policy also addresses environmental issues by integrating economic and cultural factors: (Environmental Education for Sustainable Development (EEDD), Training in the exercise of citizenship at school, the discovery and learning of culture at school...).

    Reading project
Reading is an essential ingredient to our school's success. The taste for reading and the desire to read is highlighted by various animations (continuous books that go home from our library, volunteers explaining how books are used, animation in BCD, rally reading class, authors day...).
The library is rich with more than 5,400 books, including more than 1,600 in English (albums, comics, novels) it is regularly visited by all students: weekly loan of books (for all), meeting different storytellers who periodically take the children into the imaginary world of books.