Specifics of the Very Small Section

The Very Small Section

L’Université des Petits is composed of teachers with specific tried and true methods of learning.  We are committed to helping the youngest members of our school adapt, grow and learn. Our dedicated team will guide each student one by one to acquire the skills necessary to prepare them for school.

This is done by developing social skills and learning through music and games.

Distinct areas in the school such as the motor skills room, the reading corner, and the artistic room, facilitate the many different approaches to learning that our youngest population requires.

At L’Université des Petits we pay specific attention to the importance of living spaces and the comfort of our students while eating and resting.

Finding a solution for care and education is an important one for every parent.

It is our goal to accompany each family through this challenging time. Beginning at the age of 30 months, with a class limit of 16 children, the very small section welcomes students from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday, 47 weeks a year. At L’Université des Petits, they will evolve in a fun, enriching and caring environment.

Our teachers and caretakers are respectful of each child’s personality and learning style.

  •  It is of utmost importance to establish a healthy exchange between parents and school personnel. This will create an optimal environment for growth and learning.
  • At L’Université des Petits we believe the environment of children must be stable and predictable as they need routine and references to maintain a feeling of safety.