Educational project

We built this school on a small and more personal scale because each student is, first and foremost, a child that must be nurtured, but also to encourage personal growth as well as group fulfillment.
Our entire team providesa learning environment around the kindness and acceptance needed to learning effectively.  We nurture essential life values andnskills: respect yourself and others, be polite, good manners, and the importance of helping others.

We aim to forge future world-changers by setting goals, rules, and responsibilities.  We follow the curriculum,encouraging the students to appreciate and value hard work and work well done.  We encourage them, rouse their curiosity, and cultivate their love of learning throughout their education.

L’Universite des Petits ensures each student’s wellbeing by caring for each individual child.
We can easily accommodate parents’ work schedules as we offer morning and afternoon wrap around care, extracurricular activities, and a bilingual day-camp that is open 47 weeks per school year.

 L'Université des Petits, l'école d'aujourd'hui, a great start in tomorrow's world !