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Bilingual Private School for preschool and primary school

Bilingual school

French / English Bilingual School

The school welcomes children from 2 ½ years old until entry age into secondary school.

The number of students in each class is voluntarily limited to few students.

L'Université des Petits respects the official French Education Program in French and offers total immersion in English: 2 days per week in preschool and AT LEAST 2 hours every day in primary school

The teaching staff ensures that proper behavior is maintained by the children: learning to listen to others, expressing emotions and resolving conflicts without violence, as well as communicating with respect. A serene atmosphere supports the blossoming of the children's personalities as well as working towards autonomy and skill acquisition of skills. L'Université des Petits considers the welfare of each child.

The French and English teachers work in parallel on the same topics. They spend time helping the children become aware of their capabilities and gaining confidence in themselves. The English teachers come from English-speaking countries: not only do they teach their native language, they also impart their culture. The teachers, passionate about their work are continuously challenging themselves, and constantly seeking to encourage creativity and curiosity in the children.

Parents can easily organize their professional and home life as L'Université des Petits offers daycare in the morning and evenings, extracurricular activities after school and a bilingual day camp.

A small journal "Kid’s Info" is sent to you every term so you can share in your child's experiences at school.

Parents of our school have private access to the daycare, school and Day camp BLOGS as well as the Parent association BLOG

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